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Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, over 1 year ago

We’re thrilled to announce Hermitage School
District‘s new app! It’s everything Hermitage, in your pocket.
Download the app on Android: or

Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, 4 days ago

Something of Interest: The International Space Station will be traveling over Arkansas tonight! It will be traveling from southwest to northeast and should be visible with the naked eye beginning at 7:58 PM. It will look like a slow moving, non-flashing star! Go to: for more information.

Mistie McGhee

Mistie McGhee, 6 days ago

Parents, Hermitage High School has added some instructional videos for Canvas to our YouTube channel. They can be accessed by clicking on the following link which will take you to their playlist...

Let us know if there are other things that you need assistance with, and we will continue to add content. A huge thank you to Kala Thornton for making these videos for you!

Mistie McGhee

Mistie McGhee, 7 days ago

Congratulations to the 2020 Homecoming Court!

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