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Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, about 1 year ago

We’re thrilled to announce Hermitage School
District‘s new app! It’s everything Hermitage, in your pocket.
Download the app on Android: or

Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, 1 day ago

Hermitage School District will offer Summer Feeding starting Monday, June 1. Will include HOT lunch and a breakfast item! More information on Facebook or call us at (870) 463-2246!

Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, 2 days ago

If you have HS students, please have them check their school email!!! If we need them to check-in any school materials OR to pick up their personal belongings, we have emailed them a message and need them to check their email!! Thank you!!

Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, 7 days ago

Meal service today!!! Lunch and breakfast served. Regular times and schedule! This will be our last service UNTIL JUNE 1!! Look for an announcement for summer feeding next week!!!!

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