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Tracy Tucker

Tracy Tucker, 10 months ago

We’re thrilled to announce Hermitage School
District‘s new app! It’s everything Hermitage, in your pocket.
Download the app on Android: or

Jill McKinley

Jill McKinley, 1 day ago

These are the meals for 3/1 and 3/2. We will be delivering at the same places and times.

Breakfast pizza

BBQ chicken
Mashed potatoes

Super donut


We will be sending out frozen veggies for the Thursday’s meal please keep in freezer and heat in microwave for 1minute. We love seeing at the stops and can not wait to see you tomorrow!!

Mistie McGhee

Mistie McGhee, 1 day ago

Students who pull into the High School circle will use the HERMITAGE WiFi option. They will login with their school username (firstname.lastname) and password.

Mistie McGhee

Mistie McGhee, 1 day ago

HHS students may be receiving messages about late fees on library books. The system is automated and generates these letters. Students will not be assessed fines during AMI days. Mrs Carla McDougald is working to address the issue on her end. You may return library books to the return box in front of the High School building.

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